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what is seo-how to seo-The first pages of search results

What is seo? how to seo? The first pages of search results? It is the dream of every blog in the first pages of search engine results to come. However, it is very easy to do if you Athena rule in accordance with the work. The first pages of your blog by working hard to bring the rule Madame you can. Recently I was at the bottom of Google's Panda and Penguin how to make your site search results in accordance with Rule Bringer discussing it. I do not think it's started to increase.

High Quality Unique Content 

What is seo  It is one of talk how King of unique content

there was a time when you just have to get back links to your sites ranking if you copy and paste the content.

However, it is now possible to do?

Do not, do not, ?

As a result of the Google Panda and Penguin nothing has changed.

Before the 0,000-30,000 per month from the site to a sum of money has cannot from their site, so you can understand the content of the Unique.

So now if you want to rank your site high quality unique content traffic value.

There are a lot of posting in dealing 100% unique, but in my opinion it is 400-600 character post.

Many of the sites that have been optimized over eat, over what they think - Word Illusion or other ranked ahead of the mistakes that can actually be more damaging than the benefit of your site.

I do not have a start

Forget the old days of the new day ahead.

Guest Blogging

how to seo Guest blogging is not the end of the current role of guest blogging.

They have nothing to do with the guest blogging; you must have some authority on blogging.

This site in search results on your blog will get more Help.

Because you do a blogging site that will help you in two ways.

In a post on the i you are getting good quality links back to your site for is vital that you are familiar with blogging feel.

guest blogging for the a you can find plenty of

I certainly understand what you guest blogging?

If you are a guest blogging, guest blogging is already clear that they did not

Trails Long Key - Word of the Day

The first pages of search results Think you're a post-writing and its key - word was "Importance of Blogging" and your target is the key - Ward's you’re Bid you the keys - Word of the bid lot will be difficult. But the "importance of blogging in 2013" The Long Key - Word, you could easily your innovation can. It a good idea Long Key - Word what?

The key - Keyword research is detailed in the form of a tune do until then, stay tuned.

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